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Professors offer textbooks free

Postby cheap-textbooks » Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:09 pm

The average college student attending a four year university will pay $17,817 in college fees this year. According to figures from College Board, this is a 3.2 percent rise in cost since last year. The College at Brockport is attempting to alleviate some of the rising costs by promoting the Open Access and Digital Commons system.

Kim Myers, Digital Repository Specialist at Drake Memorial Library explained Open Access as being able to “make scholarly communication and research available to anyone, anywhere for free.”

Open Access, which also is related to the Open SUNY Textbook system, will provide free textbooks to students.

In spring 2014, four professors from Brockport will submit their works. Associate Professor of Sociology, Amy Guptill, Associate Professor of Psychology, Marcie Desrochers, Professor of Education, Moira Fallon and Associate Professor of Music Studies, Natalie Sarrazin will all be published by the college.

Myers said when work gets published on the system, it becomes searchable through Google. She said this is incredibly favorable to people who are trying to promote their research, because it allows them to be cited.

Myers explained that the author receives a monthly report with statistics about how many people downloaded and cited their work.

Myers also said that Digital Commons has participants from every department in Brockport, but it is unknown how many participants are exactly from each department.

“It’s definitely growing,” Myers said. “The last time a count was done, there were 595 Brockport authors, which also includes student theses.”

She went on to explain ways the program is beneficial for students.

“The benefit for students is being able to access this information now, and also when they graduate when they no longer have access to the paid materials,” Myers said. “Unlike some of the other library programs, Open Access will be available to students, and everyone, regardless of being enrolled in school or not.”

One financial benefit she mentioned is ease of access for students who take a class that requires one of the published textbooks.

Participating in the system gives them the experience to see what its like to be a published author. The counselor education department put their theses online and a release on their website said after their first year, they had more than 50,000 downloads for over 100 theses.

Dr. Thomas Hernandez, Education Department Chair, said he was hearing from his alumni that they were being contacted by publishers asking, “Would you write a chapter?” giving students professional experience.

“Sometimes there is some misconception about what Open Access means,” Myers said. “To some people Open Access means its not peer reviewed, and that’s not true, it is peer reviewed. We want people to understand the value of Open Access, both to the author, and to the people out there who need that information but wouldn’t be able to get it.”

Myers said that the system will continue to be promoted.

“We want our students to understand Open Access at a younger age. They need to be understanding it, and pushing for it. They are the professors of tomorrow.”

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