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Easy and Affordable College Textbooks

Postby cheap-textbooks » Tue Dec 13, 2011 10:10 pm

And affordable alternative to purchasing textbooks is to rent your college textbooks. College textbook rental have been growing in popularity over the last few years. There are now over a dozen websites specializing in the rental of textbooks. Renting your textbooks is actually a very easy process.

Start by using a textbook price comparison service. Simply input the ISBN or title of the book you need to get a list of textbook rental sites and their rates. Next up is to proceed to the textbook rental website. There you should find options for different rental lengths. Makes you select a length that matches your class schedule will allow you to keep the books through finals.

The next step is to go ahead and order the rental textbook. Be sure to review the terms including late fees and condition requirements. The website should generate both an online receipt and receipt sent to your e-mail address.

When you receive the books are opened the package carefully and retain the packaging material to used to return the book at the end of your course. The package should also contain a return label that most websites allow you to log in and reprint return label or even will send you one by e-mail near the return time. The return label supplied by most rental sites includes the return postage. Simply drop the package in the mail and your done.

Make sure you return the book is scheduled to avoid late fees and don't lose the book or you will be required to buy replacement on top of your rental fee paid. Because you are simply renting the textbook and do not own it there is no resale value at the end of the rental term. Even with these limitations you should find rental attractive option for cheap textbooks.
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