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Finding Textbooks Cheaper

Postby cheap-textbooks » Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:38 am

Most articles I have read on finding cheap textbooks include a suggestion to use a textbook price comparison site or search engine. This is a great tip especially if you know how to get the most out of the information presented on the sites. You can find out a lot more than just the cheapest textbook source with only a few searches.

Start off by entering the ISBN and activating a search. The resulting list will provide the following information. Who has your book in stock. Most textbook price comparison services will only return prices from sites that actually have the book available. The list will also provide you information about the different formats available. You can quickly know if your textbook is available for digital download, available new or used, or even available as an international version. And finally you will be able to see the price range from the different sites for each of these conditions.

The good information doesn't stop there. Many price comparison sites also offer quotes for textbook buyback. You can see what a used textbook would bring you if you were to sell it back today. This is especially important if you want to compare prices between buying a textbook or renting a textbook. Renting and downloading provides no resale value at the end of the course. Many times buying and then reselling is actually cheaper provided the price you could get for selling the textbook today is close to what it will be worth at the end of your course.

There is one more thing I would do before making my decision on which textbook to buy and that is to do another search but this time use the title and/or author's name to conduct a search. A search like this they return multiple versions of the same textbook with different publication dates. If you get by with an earlier edition you can save a tremendous amount of money. The other thing you should be able to see is how often a new issue is released. Has a new version come out every two years the past? How close are we to the time when we can expect another new version? If a new version is close at hand you might consider renting because a purchased book would be greatly devalued wen the new edition was released.

If you would like to see some of these techniques in action there is a YouTube video running real life textbook requests there a price comparison service to locate cheap textbooks.
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