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How to Rent College Textbooks Online

Postby cheap-textbooks » Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:31 pm

If you are a college student or are getting ready to start college, one of the first shocks you will probably have is the high price of college textbooks. Even used textbooks can be expensive. One alternative is to rent your textbooks online. College students are able to rent college textbooks online today rather than having to pay the sky-high prices for brand new books. Renting textbooks on the internet is becoming increasingly popular, considering the price of obtaining a college education rises each year.
Renting college textbooks online can be a relatively simple process. The hardest part is going to be deciding which textbook rental company to go with. There are many online companies from which to choose from if you wish to rent college textbooks. Some companies offer you more options than others and some are more affordable than others as well.
When you begin to look into how to rent college textbooks online, you need to first make sure you have an accurate listing of the texts you'll be needing. It's best if you have the full title of the text, the author, and the ISBN.
Once you have the necessary textbook information, you'll want to compare the rental prices on the book at a few of the online rental companies. A textbook price comparison website is a good place to start. In addition to the rental prices they will show you the new and used prices so that you can be sure you're actually saving money. Prices vary considerably, as do the options offered. Some of the rental companies offer expedited shipping, free shipping and no¨charge return shipping when you are finished using the book. Some rental companies will include any software packages that are needed for some courses while others will not
Most companies have a few options for how to rent college textbooks online as well. You can usually rent the text for 30, 45, or 60 days or for a quarter (about 9 weeks), a semester, or you can purchase the book outright. The price of the rental does vary depending on the terms you select and also on the textbook itself. Make sure you choose a plan that lets you keep the textbook through finals.
If you rent the book and later decide you want to purchase the book, most of the rental companies will allow you to apply the rental fees towards the price of the book. Make sure you return the book on time as or is late fees and if you lose the book you'll be required to purchase a replacement.
Then it's just a matter of waiting until your textbooks show up at your door. It is estimated that a student can save anywhere from 65 to 85% by using textbook rental, compared to having to buy them brand new.
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