Strategies To Save Money Purchasing School Textbooks

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Strategies To Save Money Purchasing School Textbooks

Postby cheap-textbooks » Sun Feb 12, 2012 7:35 pm

As a school student you know the cost of textbooks is outrageous. It is simple to spend hundreds of dollars per semester. There are methods to chip away at the price of textbooks with just a bit work. These are some things you can try.

Probably the biggest way to save on each textbook you purchase is to use a price comparison service. With approximately 50 sites on the Internet offering textbooks there is a broad range of costs out there. As with any other commodity demand and supply plays a gigantic piece on setting the going rate. Once the semester starts an un-sold or un-rented textbook has little chance of providing earnings to the site. Web sites are regularity changing the price to try to make sure that they move all their inventory. It is common to save from $5-$20 on each book by utilizing a price comparison service.

You can save cash with an alternate version of the textbook. International editions or earlier revisions of a textbook might be considerably cheaper. The content of an international edition is most often identical to the US version. Earlier revisions of the textbook will have substantially the same content, many times just reorganized.

Using textbook coupons is another way of trimming your textbook budget. In the beginning of each semester many school textbook sites offer coupons or discount codes for amounts from 5 to 10%. Occasionally the coupons are just for new customers but many times the coupon codes are open for everyone.

You might want to think about rental or download textbooks. If you employ a price comparison tool you will find that rental and download options are included in the list of sources and costs. When you compare the prices of rental or download textbooks remember there's no resale value so make sure they're truly less expensive than the used textbooks.

As a student you need to fight for each buck and every discount. Reward the sites with the lowest prices by giving them your business.
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