Comparing bookstore prices to online prices

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Comparing bookstore prices to online prices

Postby easycollegeliving » Mon Mar 19, 2012 12:04 am

Hey everyone,

So I know the big reason people hate buying textbooks through their university bookstore is because they charge you soooo much money for the books. The reason there are so many websites out there to help you find the cheapest textbooks possible. There are website out there that help you find the cheapest books out there, but none of them compare prices side by side and even show your bookstore's price.

If you want to compare your bookstore's price with all the online prices, you can do that all on my website with our cool textbook comparison tool.

Select your state, choose your school, choose your department, choose your class, and you are done! You can see what books you need for next quarter, how much the bookstore charges, and see the best prices available on other websites. You will now know the cheapest price available in 20 seconds and can purchase your book immediately and not waste any more time trying to find a lower price!

Check it out, share with your friends, help everyone avoid the bookstore and get the best prices online!

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Re: Comparing bookstore prices to online prices

Postby bookgator » Thu Apr 05, 2012 11:49 pm

nice resource. I'll help share that to my followers in Twitter. It's really useful to compare prices before buying just to see where is the best place to do the buying. A penny is still a saving anyway ;) is a social platform where students, instructors, and student interest groups can work together to reduce cost of college textbooks and education in general.

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