Purdue reminds departments to keep costs of textbooks low

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Purdue reminds departments to keep costs of textbooks low

Postby cheap-textbooks » Thu Nov 14, 2013 3:59 pm

A school that cares about student costs? The Purdue Exponent reports the school wants to make something clear to professors: don’t assign a textbook students aren’t going to need.

The article goes on to say that on Wednesday, Provost Tim Sands wrote a memorandum to Purdue department heads, asking them to clarify with faculty that they must implement textbooks required for students to purchase.

“The spiraling cost of textbooks is of great concern to all of us, especially to our students,” he wrote.

Frank Dooley, associate vice provost, helped Sands draft the document and said the administration wants to make sure the faculty is aware of the ways they can save students money.

“We were motivated to write (the document) because the president asked for cost saving ideas,” Dooley said. “Textbook prices are out of control. If a professor assigns a book and doesn’t use it, that’s problematic. That shouldn’t ever happen.”

Dooley said this is one of several steps Purdue will take to lessen student expenses, alongside creating committees to help control costs and working with ITaP, Boiler Copy Maker and the Purdue Press.

Some students still think more improvement to the University’s textbook system is necessary, despite the efforts being made by the Office of the Provost.

Sameer Saiya and Nikko Sadural, sophomores in the College of Engineering, are hopeful that the University’s efforts to cut textbook costs come to fruition in the future.

Saiya said he’s been in classes where the professor uses the book only for homework, if at all.

“For a class I have, we’re given a huge textbook by the professor, but all the material we use is found from alternate sources,” Saiya said. “It’s only the homework in the back you need. The rest is irrelevant.”

Sadural said he doesn’t understand why students have to pay so much for books they could do without.

“We don’t even use the textbook,” Sadural said. “We learn all the material in the class anyway; we don’t need a book that costs $60. It’s unnecessary.”
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