The Advantage of Textbook Rentals

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The Advantage of Textbook Rentals

Postby cheap-textbooks » Fri Feb 03, 2012 4:45 pm

There’s been a lot of talk recently about textbook rentals. Although a fairly new idea, renting textbooks has been growing in popularity with numerous online sites as well as some campus bookstores offering textbooks for rent. What is it about textbook rentals that make it such a popular choice with college students?
The most attractive feature of textbook rentals is the price. Renting textbooks is considerably cheaper than purchasing the same textbook new. I have seen a lot of discount percentages thrown around by the different rental companies with a conservative estimate of at least 50% off. The price of rental textbooks are on par with the cost of buying a used version of the textbook if it is available. You must take into consideration the fact that rental textbooks have no residual value or sell back value like new or used textbooks do. This is a financial negative but is also a positive in the fact that there is no sell back hassle, worry about the value or if you’ll even be able to sell back a purchased textbook. In addition you don’t have to worry about trying to sell a purchased textbook that has become devalued because a new edition was just released. With textbook rentals you have one clear and upfront price and that is all you pay.
One interesting and unique feature of textbook rentals is many companies offer a 30 day guarantee or return option. The class is canceled, you need to make a change in your schedule, you drop a class, or simply find out the book is not required for the course; you can return the book and get a refund of your rental fee. Try to do that with a purchased textbook.
Another nice feature of textbook rentals is the ability to pick the term of the rental allowing you to select the shortest rental you need and the lowest price. Should you find you need the book longer most rental companies will let you extend the term or even purchase the textbook at the end of the rental if you find the contents is something that you would like to retain.
Free shipping is an additional benefit is should check out. Any textbook rental companies offer free return shipping and some even offer free initial outbound shipping.
If you decide to try renting textbooks a textbook rental comparison service can help you find college book rentals and the cheapest source.
We do not sell textbooks, we show you the cheapest sources

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